S. Eugene Linzey, often called Stan or Gene, has been writing for many years. His latest book that will be published in mid-January is titled, Truth not meant to be Hidden – Becoming More like Jesus. It is a historical study of the Beatitudes that unpacks the 10 tightly-packed statements in Matthew 5:3-12 that Jesus spoke on the hillside near the Sea of Galilee about 2,000 years ago. This book reveals the truths that have become blurred through time, and will help the reader understand what Jesus meant when He spoke those words so long ago.

Truths not meant to be Hidden will be available on in both paperback and e-book.  The Print version will be offered for only $12.99. The E-book will be available for $4.99.

A companion, Study Guide for Truths not meant to be Hidden will soon be available for only $6.99.

Linzey’s book REFLECTIONS ON LIFE presents a look at various aspects of life from historical, cultural, philosophical, and spiritual viewpoints that you’ll seldom see elsewhere. You’ll laugh with the author – sometimes you might laugh at him; he won’t mind. You’ll travel, study, and observe nature in each of the 77 topics. But most of the topics are only 3 pages long and include pictures to highlight the subject matter, so you won’t go to sleep and you definitely will not get bored.

Print version – $14.99,  Kindle version – $5.99.

Trip Coming Up ……

Linzey has been asked to speak in a breakout session of an upcoming convention in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in June of 2023. He will speak about the benefits – both for authors and for the public – of writing and publishing. More about that in a couple of months.

Reflections on Faith and History is available on Available for $11.99. E-book for $4.99


The Bible is about civilization, government, war, and intrigue. It contains drama, history, culture, and a lot more. However, it’s primarily a book about faith and spirituality. This book was written to answer many questions people have asked the author through the years. It helps the questioner sift through the sands of time to gain a better understanding of the Word of God and of history.


I am also collaborating with my brother, Paul Linzey, on a book about Giant Springs, Montana, using the underground aquifer as a metaphor for what happens inside each of us. We took a trip to Montana and researched it. The working title is Invisible Forces and Hidden Issues. We both are busy with other projects, but we’ll eventually get back on this one. It is very interesting!

Two other books co-written by Linzey are: Looking Through the Rear View Mirror, and Reflections Along the Journey

They were written by six Linzey siblings, and compiled, formatted, and published by Eugene. You’ll get an inside view of a large family as you look at life through the lens of their individual memories. A total of Forty-nine topics are listed, and each of the 3 brothers and 3 sisters wrote about each topic as their individual memories recalled an event related to the topic.

The print versions are available for $17.25 each, and the eBooks are available for only $3.99.

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