EPSON scanner imageS. Eugene Linzey has written weekly newspaper columns since 2001, and published his first book titled Insights on Faith & History in 2009. This is a compilation of articles taken from his 2001 – 2009 newspaper series titled Bible Answers. But he always gives credit where credit’s due. It was Carol who gave Gene the impetus to write, and write well. He has now completed the process of updating Insights on Faith & History and it is now available as: Reflections on Faith & History. It is available as an e-book or in print.Front cover - final

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Charter of the Christian Faith


Linzey has 2 more books that will be available sometime soon. The first one is titled: Charter of the Christian Faith. It tells the story of the Beatitudes, and what the Christian life is really all about. It is now in the final review. Linzey is presenting these studies in churches in small groups as he prepares to submit the work to the publisher.



The second book contains numerous writings taken from hisReflections on Mt. Rainier3 current newspaper series titled Reflections on Life, and it is getting close to being submitted to the publisher. Well, I put a hold on that one because I decided to proceed on the next one. Read on. 

For centuries many books have been written about Jewish history and culture, and Israel is heavily in the news today. Nevertheless, the endeavor Linzey has been (slowly) working on for years is about ancient Jewish history with Melchizedek, Abraham, and Jesus as the major players. If all goes well, that book should be out in late 2019; and you will want a copy of it.

He is also collaborating with his brother, Paul Linzey, on a book about Giant Springs, Montana, using the underground aquifer as a metaphor for what happens inside each of us. They took a trip to Montana, followed with a year of research. The working title is Invisible Forces and Hidden Issues. We’ll keep you posted.

But Paul is an important writer in his own right. Please visit and check out his books. He’s a great guy, and you’ll also enjoy reading his posts.