Charter of the Christian Faith

If you want to understand true spirituality, life, and the Christian faith as Jesus meant it to be, you want to read Charter of the Christian Faith.

It discusses, opens up, and reveals Jesus’ thoughts and intent for His Church, but you will seldom find this taught in current churches. (The companion volume – the Study Guide – is also available online.)

These 8 tightly-packed verses are 8 Steps Toward Godliness and reveal how the Church of Jesus Christ is supposed to grow and mature.

As Dr. Gary Royer (former Professor of Intercultural Studies, Southwestern Assemblies of God University) says, “An avid storyteller, Gene taps into this talent to graphically illustrate each declaration of this treasured section of the Sermon on the Mount. Although some Bible readers consider these truths to be lofty idealism to serve as an unreachable goal to remind us of our scarred humanity, the author uses real-life situations to fully incorporate these principles into our daily life.”

Charter of the Christian Faith is available on in both paperback and e-book.  The Print version is offered  for only $10.99. The E-book is available for $3.99.

REFLECTIONS ON LIFE is hot off the press!  It presents a look at life from historical, cultural, philosophical, and spiritual viewpoints that you’ll seldom see elsewhere. You’ll laugh with the author – sometimes you might laugh at him. He won’t mind. You’ll travel, study, and observe nature.

Print version – $13.99,  Kindle version – $3.99.

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Reflections on Faith and History is still available on Available for $8.99. E-book for $3.99.

For centuries, many books have been written about Jewish history and culture, and IsraelDSCN0199.JPG is heavily in the news today. Nevertheless, the endeavor I have been (slowly) working on for years is about ancient Jewish history with Melchizedek, Abraham, and Jesus as the focal points. I work on this as time allows.

I am also collaborating with my brother, Paul Linzey, on a DSCN8498D.JPGbook about Giant Springs, Montana, using the underground aquifer as a metaphor for what happens inside each of us. We took a trip to Montana and spend a year of research on it. The working title is Invisible Forces and Hidden Issues. We both are busy with other projects, but we’ll eventually get back on this one. It is very interesting!

But Paul is an important writer in his own right. Please visit and check out his books. He’s a great guy, and you’ll also enjoy reading his posts.