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I’d been taught that all Christians go to heaven. But how was a Christian supposed to live while on earth? I didn’t see much difference in people’s lives when they became a Christian or joined a church. On Sundays, people talked about the Lord, sang, bowed heads in prayer, listened to the pastor – most of them – but something was missing. What was it? This book addresses the topic, and answers the question.




This book, Charter of the Christian Faith, could well be titled “God’s Instruction Manual for Christians.” My friend, Gene, has brought to life these vital truths through numerous illustrations from Scripture, his own life, and the lives of others. This portion of scripture is foundational if we are to attain to Christlikeness. Sadly, we so often skim over the beatitudes in our attempt to finish our designated daily reading on time. This teaching is by no means ‘fast food’ to be eaten in haste, but rather a fine meal to linger over as you allow the Holy Spirit to apply these truths to your life. Why not find a quiet place and feast your soul? Take as long as you need; the longer you chew the more you will profit from it.

Rev. David Ravenhill: Former Pastor, Evangelist, Author, Teacher


Readers of Eugene Linzey’s weekly newspaper column know of his skills as a writer. His brief book, Charter of the Christian Faith: Eight Steps to Godliness, demonstrates these skills in a broader context. Both his columns and this book are marked by intelligent, well-selected illustrations from background source knowledge. His ideas flow naturally and convincingly. The illustrations are drawn from many sources, are apt, and well-expressed. And, much to my great envy, Gene is a craftsman with words. He draws his illustrative materials from a wide, varied background and they are used clearly and compellingly.

Andrew C. Bowling, Ph.D., John Brown University, Wycliff Bible Translators, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (Retired)


Gene Linzey approaches this study of the beatitudes with the skill and knowledge of a caring teacher. In a clearly written, conversational style filled with examples from the scriptures, and using metaphors, analogies, and stories, he explains the beatitudes as a process, a step-by-step progression in a spiritual journey which can bring one closer to God. Reading this book is like a visit with a good friend with a valuable message for you.

Dr. Patsy G. Watkins, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Strategic Media, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas


In his latest book, Charter of the Christian Faith, S. Eugene Linzey, presents a practical study of the beatitudes which is within easy grasp of the sincere Bible reader. An avid storyteller, Gene taps into this talent to graphically illustrate each declaration of this treasured section of the Sermon on the Mount. Although some Bible readers consider the Beatitudes as lofty idealism to serve as an unreachable goal to remind us of our scarred humanity, Gene describes real-life means to actually incorporate these principles into our daily life. This book will serve to challenge believers of all ages to a higher calling in our Christian walk.

Dr. Gary Royer, Professor of Intercultural Studies, Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie, Texas


Eugene Linzey has been teaching the Bible and the Christian lifestyle for many years, and brings a unique perspective every time he writes or speaks on biblical themes. What I appreciate most about him, however, are the character traits he demonstrates: loyalty, compassion, love, and integrity. These are what really set him apart in today’s world. He genuinely loves the Lord, his fellow human beings, and the Word of God. This comes through loud and clear when you read Charter of the Christian Faith.

Dr. Paul Linzey, Former Pastor & Military Chaplain, Author of Safest Place in Iraq


In Gene Linzey’s book, Charter of the Christian Faith, he shares his testimony of becoming bolder and stronger as a Christian. Most of us have become overly familiar with these words without really understanding. In his easy and relatable style, Gene takes each beatitude and breaks it down into bite-sized pieces starting with the words “Supremely blest, sacred, and holy are those who….”  The purpose in writing this book is to help readers explore and “grow deeper in relationship with the Lord, and become more conscious of Him with the desire to please Him and become stronger.” I heartily encourage you to pick this up and give it a spin. I believe you will be BLESSED!

John Leffler, D. Min., Senior Pastor, Castle Rock Christian Church, (Castle Rock, WA)


S. Eugene Linzey’s book title maintains that the Beatitudes of Matthew 5:3-12 function as a “charter” of the Christian faith, indicating the values that the Sovereign envisions for the group He has established within His realm. Christians have traditionally interpreted the Beatitudes as virtues that we can aim at but never completely live up to. Linzey sheds light on each of the eight Beatitudes by incorporating relevant biblical passages, well-known incidents from the Christian tradition, and his own experiences growing up in a Christian family. We are children of God, he maintains, who are in training for membership in a kingdom not of this world.

Dr. James S. Ackerman, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University


This is a book to keep close and to prayerfully ponder over and over again.  Charter of the Christian Faith brings to the timeless Beatitudes, declared by Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount, the author’s insights and pastoral wisdom drawn from the deep well of God’s Word, blended with his careful attention to the life stories of Christians spanning the 1st to the 21st centuries. Ascending The Eight Step Path to Godliness that introduces the Charter will establish your life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, Who then will progressively lead you into holiness, faithful Christian service, and full participation in the Kingdom of Heaven. What a journey!

Rev. Michael Cook, Director of Missions, Mother Lode Baptist Association, San Andreas, CA


This timely book, Charter of the Christian Faith, is an excellent teaching on the beatitudes. I consider it to be a cornerstone resource. Gene has done a magnificent job in depicting the 8 steps to Godliness. He so capably spells it out making it an instructive and enjoyable book. The real-life stories placed throughout the book make it come alive, and make it easy to apply the principles to our lives.

Rev. Cynthia Eggers, Presbyter, Senior Pastor, Faith Tabernacle Church, Albuquerque, NM


I read slowly and thoroughly, and I enjoyed the message in Charter of the Christian Faith. This read helps us to understand the steps to spiritual maturity and the joyful life we desire when we fully surrender to Gods will. As I read, I feel the author is talking to me, and I know that’s how everyone will feel when they read the book. Linzey’s writing is complimented by other books I’ve read, such as “Absolute Surrender” by Andrew Murray and “The Grand Weaver” by Ravi Zacharias. Charter of the Christian Faith has made a wonderful impression on me, and I know it will do the same for others.

Michael Leggins, Professional Civil Engineer, Austin, TX, Vice President, General Manager of Recology, San Francisco, CA (Retired), President, USS Yorktown CV-5 Survivor’s Club


Author Gene Linzey has spent a great deal time immersed in the search for original truths behind the Beatitudes. Imparted to believers in the Sermon on the Mount, these directives have suffered the wear of time allowing the meanings to blur. With dedicated purpose, Linzey has endeavored to unveil the deeper teachings revealed in the Beatitudes that will guide each of us along the path to a more meaningful Christian life. Well-written and researched, Charter of the Christian Faith will be a welcome addition to any library.

M. Carolyn Steele, Author, Tulsa, OK.


Gene and I were college classmates. I’ve always been struck by his knowledge and hunger for the Word of God. As the years have rolled by, his enthusiasm to dig deeper into the unfathomable treasures of God’s Word has only grown exponentially! Charter of the Christian Faith opens up a treasure trove of wisdom as Gene searches the Mind of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount. As you read through these pages, you, also, will discover some of these treasures to apply to your own life. The Holy Spirit will guide you as you walk in the steps of Jesus—one Beatitude at a time.

Lydia G. Solis, Professional Educator, Bible Teacher, Church Administrator, Director of Children’s Ministries, Ontario, Ca.


This teaching has helped me understand how to correlate my thought processes with what I believe about God. Getting a grip on and understanding this message will surely bring revival to our land. This book has challenged me to reevaluate my daily life according to what Jesus desires for His people, and I am finding more freedom and wholeness than ever as I obey and follow His higher call.

 Rebecca A. Crawford, B.A., M.A., Elementary School Teacher, Mother of Six, Duncanville, TX


I’ve known Gene Linzey for about 20 years. I’ve received and read his Reflection on Life articles for most of this time which tell about family and how to apply scripture to my life. Gene’s stories remind me of the way that Christ used stories and parables to make the scriptures more understandable, and teach us how to apply the principles to our daily life. Gene’s latest book, Charter of the Christian Faith, makes it easier for me to understand Jesus’ teachings of the Sermon on the Mount.

Neal Reed, Co-Founder, Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch, Morrow, AR


Each week I sit down with a cup of coffee and open up my computer to read/edit Gene Linzey’s Reflections on Life column for the Siloam Springs Herald-Leader newspaper. It’s one of my favorite times of the week. What’s Gene going to write about today? It’s always a joy to find out. I’ve been working with Gene going on nine years now, and he’s one of the most consistent, faithful and reliable columnists we’ve ever had. Sometimes his column is about something spiritual or faith-related. Sometimes it’s about something practical. Sometimes it’s about a journey or a trip, or it could even be a blast from his past. Whatever it is, it’s always relevant and interesting, and in many cases, a much-needed perspective. I believe Gene’s practical and informative teaching in Charter of the Christian Faith will be beneficial to the reader.

Graham Thomas, Managing Editor, Herald-Leader, Siloam Springs (Ark.)