Happy New Year Everybody!

You might have thought I was never going to change this page, but I’ve got a surprise for you … I’m changing it now. And I’ve decided to make changes about once a week. Why don’t you check up on me to see if I really do it? But please keep in mind that this renovation is a work in progress.

The first thing I’ll do is get a cup of coffee. Yes, that’s it. With milk and sugar … perhaps a small scoop of ice cream. Oh, yes! That’s good!

The major change I need to mention is that I am now the president of the P&L Publishing and Literary Services publishing company, and we can assist you in fulfilling your dream of becoming an author. If you have a spare 5 minutes, go to plpubandlit.org and check us out. You’ll find our prices are very hard to beat … especially when you see the quality of work we do.

P & L provides the help and encouragement you might need to finish that project. Look us up at P & L Publishing & Literary Services – Expert Formatting & Editing for Self-Publishing Your Book (plpubandlit.org.

And while you’re thinking about it, go ahead and get out your computer to see how easy it is to capture your thoughts on paper.

Check out the web site at plpubandlit.org. We’re available and will be glad to help your literary dream become a wonderful reality.




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