Sunset on February 11, 2022, in Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Snowy day on February 3, 2022, Siloam Springs

We are well into 2022 and a lot is going on in the world. The pandemic seems to be slowing down and masks are not required everywhere. International chaos is in the news. You can see in the pictures that our weather changes quite a bit. And I’m still writing and formatting books.

A number of people have asked what’s it like to write a book. The answer is simple and has several components to the answer. Putting my thoughts on paper is an expression of who I am, and having written for newspapers continuously since 2001, writing is easy for me. In my 760-word articles, I usually have one basic topic with a few short rabbit trails. But it is different writing a book. The book has one major topic, but it consists of many sub-topics (usually called chapters) that must be tied together. Although the process is enjoyable, it takes time and we need editors to help us keep the story flowing smoothly, but the results are worth it.

You might want to have your own books published, but my advice is that you shouldn’t wait too long to go for it. You know the old saying: Time & Tide Wait for No Man. You cannot recall the past, and the future is on your doorstep. In fact, you could say that the future is knocking on your door. So go to plpubandlit.com and check us out. You’ll find our prices are very hard to beat … especially when you see the quality of work we do.

P & L Publishing and Literary Services also provides professional editing services. Look us up at P & L Publishing & Literary Services – Expert Formatting & Editing for Self-Publishing Your Book (plpubandlit.com).

And while you’re thinking about it, go ahead and start pecking away on your computer to see how easy it is to capture your thoughts on paper.

Check out the web site at plpubandlit.com. We’re available and will be glad to help your literary dream become a reality.




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